Security Focus

Security Focus Video

Security Focus Video

Security Focus video explains how crucial cybersecurity is, not just for your clients but also for you and your business. Hackers do not care if you are a small business or a huge business, they care about ransomware. They can attain that by gaining access to the company’s system and securing all data.

There are 4 ways one can protect themselves from such attacks.

Educate your employees:

Training your employees with skills on how to deal with at-risk situations is vital. They need to know what to do under such circumstances. This training has to be consistent and ongoing.

Secure Workstations:

Human error is common and one can not blame someone for making this error if they did not know what they were doing. There could be situations where someone accidentally clicks on malicious or phishing emails. This could give hackers access to the entire system. This can be protected by securing the workstations of employees. Laptops and other devices should always be up-to-date and should have strong encryptions.

Protect Passwords and Data:

Hackers can get access to documents, steal the data, and then use it to gain ransom. Make sure all the passwords are well-thought, which means they are strong (combination of uppercase/lowercase alphabets, numbers, and special characters) so that they can not be easily guessed. And make sure to take backups of all data.

Use Strong Walls of Protection:

Using strong walls of protection ensures that only those people can get through who are approved personnel. This protects you from unwanted cyber criminals from entering the system and gaining access.

How can IBITS help?

The steps mentioned can be a bit difficult to integrate and if not taken care of can lead to big issues. If your system gets hacked and cybercriminals have access to your data, this can cost thousands of dollars in damages and can also prevent you from running your business during that time. 16 days or about 2 and a half weeks of downtime is what businesses experience from cyber attacks, read here.

IBITS can help you with these issues and can secure your data so that you can have peace of mind. You can reach out to us through Email, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.