We offer outstanding services at very affordable prices. Our rates are competitive with the growing IT service provider market.

Monthly or Contract Customers:

Essential IT Services : $ 49 / User

Our team will proactively monitor all your devices to ensure best performance, mitigate potential problems and by keeping systems up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Dedicated IT Success Manager
  • Next-generation antivirus that won't slow down your computers
  • Increase staff performance with 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Keep your software up to date and secure
  • Ensure best practices within your existing environment
  • Shared access to your network documentation
  • Maintain a clear IT roadmap with asset management and budget forecasts
  • Ensure accountability and control with our exclusive online platform


Helpdesk Support : $ 49 / User

Includes unlimited remote, phone, and on-site support! Your calls are answered and issues resolved with a certified engineer. A dedicated team of engineers support your business and remove frustrations arising from computer problems.

Advanced Cybersecurity : $ 39 / User

Conventional anti-virus is not sufficient to protect your computers against malicious cyber-attacks. IBITS Certified Cybersecurity bundle includes managed security solutions to help create human firewalls and protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Backup & Disaster Recovery: $ 129 / Server

Fully managed local and Cloud backups with fast recovery and business continuity baked in. Our hybrid backup solution ensures fast recovery times. Fully managed with automated verification ensures your backups are functional and ready when you need them.

Non-Contract Customers:

  • On-site Hourly: $99/hr plus one-way travel at $49 (2-hour minimum plus one-way travel paid upfront)
  • Remote Hourly: $99/hr (1-hour minimum charge plus 15-min increments thereafter, 2-hour minimum deposit paid upfront)


Will my pricing ever change?
Your pricing is guaranteed for 12 months adjusting only 3% a year for inflation. You can also lock-in your pricing by choosing a multi-year agreement!
Am I signing up to a long term contract?
We believe that as long as we offer great services, we will not lose clients - and our track record proves it. We don't believe in long term contracts since this typically only protects the IT company and gives them the ability to offer poor services at a steep price. Our agreements have an easy out 60 day clause, protecting you and your business from the risks of poor services. The only exception would be if you choose to lock in your price for multiple years.
Can we still get helpdesk support without the Unlimited Helpdesk Add-on?
Yes, all or our Essential IT Services clients can still access our helpdesk without the add-on at a rate of $99 / hour billed in 5 minute increments.
Can I changes to our agreement and add-ons?
Yes! You can change your agreement or add-ons at any point with a 30 days notice.
Do I have to pay for all our devices?
Our pricing is based on serving your employees. We realize in todays world multi devices are necessary. We don't charge extra for extra devices.
Do I need to include all employees?
Yes. your network is only as secure as your weakest link. Every employee that gets behind a computer, full or part-time needs to be included in the agreement to properly secure and protect your network.
Can I mix and match the plans?
Unfortunately, we cannot mix and match the plans at this time.
Do your rates include taxes?
No, our posted rates above do not include applicable taxes. Depending on the kind of work being performed, some on-site work requires PST in addition to GST.

Can’t you just help me with my small problem, it’ll only take a few minutes? Absolutely, but bear in mind our assistance will be subject to our minimum rates as posted above.

If you have any other questions or want more information on our prices, please feel free to get in touch with us.