Is your relationship with your IT provider like water and oil or coffee and creamer

Is your relationship with your IT provider like water and oil or coffee and creamer

Is your relationship with your IT provider like water and oil or coffee and creamer


Is your relationship with your IT provider like water and oil or coffee and creamer. The IT industry is changing, and so are the people who use it. It’s important for your business to stay on top of these changes. But it can be hard to know where to start. In this post I’ll discuss two different ways that companies can approach their relationship with their IT provider. Mixing like oil and water or Mixing like coffee and creamer.

Mixing like Oil and Water

When you and your provider don’t mix well, it can create a lot of tension between the two of you. You feel like you’re always fighting with them and they don’t seem to understand your business. They may not provide the services you need or even listen to what you have to say!

When this happens, it’s important for both parties involved (you and the IT provider) to sit down together. Talk about how things are going so that both sides can work towards finding a solution that works for everyone involved.

Mixing like Coffee and Creamer

“Mixing like Coffee and Creamer” is a good mix. This means that the two elements being combined are compatible. At least not actively competing for control over the other.

Coffee and creamer are both liquids made from ground coffee beans. They have some similarities in their structure and chemical makeup. But there are also some important differences between them—for example:

They taste differently depending on how long you let them sit on your tongue before drinking (coffee has a stronger flavor);

You can use more coffee than cream if you want to make your coffee creamier;

And while both liquids are acidic in nature, creamer tends to be slightly sweeter than its counterpart

Does your current IT provider mix well with you?

It’s important that you and your IT provider are a good fit. You should be able to communicate effectively with each other, and the relationship should be mutually beneficial. If that doesn’t sound like it’s happening right now, it may be time for an upgrade!

The first thing to consider when evaluating whether or not your current IT provider is right for you is whether or not they can adapt quickly enough to meet changing needs. If your company has grown over time and requires more complex solutions than what was originally planned for (or if there were just too many projects going on at once), then having an agile team who can move fast will save both time and money down the road—and these days everyone wants those things!


If you’re still wondering if your IT provider is the perfect fit for your company. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do they work with both of us? (i.e., are they a virtual team or do they operate from their own offices?)
  • Is there an open line of communication between us?
  • Is our relationship like oil and water or coffee and creamer?
  • If not, then perhaps it’s time for a new IT provider

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