Imagine you are a business owner and have a staff of 20 people. Every morning you wake up praying that there are no issues that day with the computers and printers in the office – not because your staff can’t handle it or they aren’t tech savvy, but you really don’t want to have to call to ask for help from your IT provider. In the past your IT provider would either take a long time to respond to your call, or not seem to care about your business needs, and when they did try to fix it, they didn’t solve the issue completely. 

Sometimes they came to the office, did whatever they thought was necessary and then left without updating your staff or fixing the issue, and send you a big bill for their work, which didn’t solve the problem. Frustration and resentment are common emotions you might feel, and you are not alone. You really want to switch IT providers but worry about the security of your company’s information if you do.

So you push your feelings down, pay the bill and get on with your day and hope that nothing goes wrong again.

This was the situation of a business owner in Regina a year ago. They had been using the same IT provider for over a decade and struggling every time they tried to get IT help. It was taking weeks to get any resolution and this was effecting their productivity. Their technology was old, not updated and lagging and causing their business to slow down. Their staff were unhappy and stressed with trying to complete their workload and this affected their customer service, and things were not improving despite multiple attempts to ask for help.

When IBITS reached out to them to offer a free consultation, we were able to do a full and thorough assessment of the business’ IT environment and bring up IT issues that needed to be addressed, to help with the critical infrastructure concerns. However the business owner was worried about switching providers due to security concerns from the previous provider. 

Our technical team at IBITS assured them that their information was secure and that IBITS would do the legwork of transferring information with their consent but without their direct contact with the previous provider. IBITS took over the management of IT services and gradually worked with the business owner and the office manager to help upgrade the infrastructure to make them more efficient and safe in their daily operations. The business saw lots of improvements within 6 months of switching the providers.

In short it was a happy ending.